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Placing an ad on RanchShark costs $28 for 60 days, and takes just six short, simple steps.
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                         Selling a farm? Selling a horse farm?

Paying is easy. You can pay now, by credit card or PayPal. Or, we can bill you, and you can pay by check after we post your listing.

Are you outside the USA? Please note that you may pay by credit card or PayPal, but that we cannot bill you.

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"Great response! I would
highly recommend."

--M.B., New Mexico, 03/29/03

"I think your
system is quite good."

--G.N., Argentina, 03/31/03

"I have sold the ranch.
Thanks for your help!"

--B.H., Texas, 10/26/02

"We're getting quite a few
visitors...from RanchShark."

--S., Nebraska, 10/30/02
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